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As a business advisor we are well placed to offer objective, strategic advice. Our advice helps you take the optimum route to achieving your aims like grooming the business for sale, assisting in the acquisition of existing companies, planning for growth or simply reviewing the business cost structure.

Acquisitions & Mergers
A merger or acquisition is a combination of two companies where one corporation is completely absorbed by another corporation. We aid you by:
  • Access the value of the business
  • Identify the core business of the company, its history, the potential competency, strength and weakness
  • Ensure smooth and discrepancy-free transaction
Due Diligence
Due Diligence is an investigation or audit of a potential investment. Due diligence serves to confirm all material facts in regards to a sale. We help you to review all financial records plus anything else deemed material to the sale. We advice you in preventing unnecessary harm during transaction to either parties.

Project Reports
The primary purpose of project edit is to find out the reasons for apparent failures in the project. We help you analyze the current state of the project, whether the project is going to deliver something useful that meets requirements or the technical approach being used is still appropriate or the business case is still valid or the project organized in an effective way or industry standard project processes being followed. The process starts with the initiation step in which a list of questions that need to be answered is drawn up and basic facts about the project such as scale, location, goal, history, etc are garnered.

Structuring & Restructuring services
Our team of professional advisors has extensive experience in designing corporate structures involving multi-level structures and controls to achieve the desired objectives for clients in an international perspective. We draw on a team of multi-disciplined professionals who play a role in a structuring or restructuring assignment and help you by:
  • Crisis intervention by developing a strategy for short cash-blow, measures for improvement, recovery plan and stake-holders negotiation.
  • Financial restructuring by establishing cash needs and controls and reconstruction of balance sheets, release of capital, identify the surplus entities and assist in judicial reorganization.
  • Design and execute a controlled exit plan, sale of shares or business assets, reduce cost of business and maintain brand reputation to avoid adverse publicity.

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